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Welcome to Kent Innovation High

Creating an Incubator of Innovation for Students & Educators

Kent ISD and our Superintendents have opened an exciting New Tech High School, Kent Innovation High, that is very different from traditional high schools. With a focus on project-based learning and collaboration with both students and teachers, Kent Innovation High  demonstrates some of the best thinking in the country about teaching and learning. Success for all students is a driving goal of this "lab" school, which serves as a learning laboratory for teachers and administrators who want to innovate back in their own schools.

From the glass walls and integrated presence of technology, to the ongoing teamwork of students and just-in-time facilitated learning, the physical and cultural environment is designed to:

  •    Personalized learning for all students
  •    Increase the relevance of academics to foster student engagement
  •    Cultivate the student voice so students "own" their education

Based on a national model out of Napa, California called The New Tech Network , this school serves as an incubator of innovation for all our schools. Students from all of our districts attend and their educators come to learn and innovate.

Students and parents interested in visiting

KIH is a project-based learning school. We encourage students of all aptitudes to apply. We are often asked, "What type of student does best with PBL?"

- The self-directed learner.
- The student who works well within a team. (Approximately 80 percent of a student's time is in groups.)
- The student who is self-motivated.
- The independent student.
- The student who is inquisitive.
- High, average, and below average students who are able to focus and direct their own learning. GPA is not a factor in PBL success.
- The student who has the ability to keep up with a fast-paced environment with minimal restrictions.

We are also often asked, "What type of student does NOT do well with PBL?"

Most students do very well with PBL learning. However, there are some who struggle for various reasons. Below are a few we've recognized:
- The student who enjoys traditional style learning.
- The introvert, antisocial, or loner student. Again, 80 percent of work done at KIH is within teams. There is very little "alone" time.
- The student who prefers to have their own thoughts and actions. An individual thinker; someone who needs to control their own work.
- The student who struggles with a fast-paced learning environment.

We'd love to talk more with you about whether or not KIH and PBL are a good option!

PLEASE NOTE:  Prior to applying, students must "shadow" another student for the day at KIH. Parents are also required to tour the facility.

How to schedule shadowing

Parents/students contact Tracy Olson after they:

- make a request to shadow through your home school guidance office.
- communicate with your teachers, too. This visit does not exempt you from completing classwork.
- pick two dates that will be the least disruptive to your home school classes.
- make sure those dates also work for the parent's schedule. 
- parents will drive students to KIH. While the student goes off on the shadow, the parent(s) take a program tour (approximately 15 minutes for a tour) 


- students will take their district's bus to KIH. Parents can tour at another date/time.  (Sometimes this is the best choice; the student determines first if they are interested. If they are not interested, the parent doesn't have to tour.)
- Once the date is chosen, the student or parent contacts Tracy Olson to schedule the shadow. MOST days work, but it's best to contact us with two date options.

Classes start at 6:55 a.m. Students are asked to arrive shortly before this time. Parent tours start as early as 7:00 a.m. and as late as 11:00 a.m. 

Arriving at KIH:  we are located on the campus of Kent ISD . All of our parking lots are numbered. Please park in LOT 3 . Look for the KIH sign on the building.  

Tracy Olson at or 616.363.8010


School Safety

Kent Innovation High is located in a wing of the Kent Career Technical Center. Because of this, we follow their drill schedule .

All doors at KIH are locked. Parents, vistors and students must enter through the main office. We appreciate your cooperation. 


We are accepting second semester applications for incoming 9th and 10th graders. Second semester starts January 17, 2015. (We do not accept 11th or 12th grade students.) Find the application HERE

Enrollment forms for 2015-16 are HERE .



Student/Parent Handbook