Global Studies


Ms. Sandi Stupica (ELA)                    Ms. Morgan Longberg (History)          

The Daily Agenda

Students should reference the daily agenda for class assignments, notes, and lesson objectives.

Students are also using the Global Studies Google Classroom. Parent(s)/Guardian(s), ask your student to see this resource.

Course Description

Global Studies is a cross-curricular course that covers World History and English Language Arts content. This subject matter is delivered through the vehicle of project based learning. For each unit, students will work on a project that looks to serve a real and authentic purpose. While students are creating products to better their school, community, and selves- they are also learning history and English content and applying it to their project work.

Honors ELA

Honors English is an extension of the regular ELA classroom that allows students to earn honors credit on their transcript.  Students will be expected to complete standards at a more rigorous level than non-honors students.  These expectations will be clearly explained in a project, and differentiated by each project.  To enroll in Honors ELA, a student must notify via email their intent of participating in the Honors curriculum to their ELA facilitator.  This communication must be made by Wednesday, Sept. 16.  If, after the first project, a student wishes to unenroll they must communicate this to their ELA facilitator via email no later than the first week of the second project.  Once this  commitment has been finalized for sophomores and juniors they may not unenroll until the end of the year. In addition, sophomores and juniors may not enroll at the start of second semester. Freshmen may unenroll at the end of first semester or enroll at the start of second semester. The same process for enrollment would apply for newly enrolled freshmen as stated for the first semester process.

Student Performance, Grades and Evaluations

KIH emphasizes 21st Century Skills in addition to content in each subject area. These reflect current skills of today’s business world demands. At Kent Innovation High, it is these skills, along with subject area content, that make up a student’s grade referred to as School Wide Learning Outcomes (SWLO).

The specific SWLO by percentage are as follows:

• Content - 60 percent

This is based on final assessments that show a student’s understanding of the content standards.  

These are individually assessed.

• Critical/Creative Thinking – 10 percent

These can be daily assignments that check for student understanding and show critical/creative thinking


Final group projects that show critical/creative thinking

These are based on both individual and group work

• Collaboration and Communication – 10 percent

This is based on:

How well does the student work in a group?

Are they prepared with their portion of the work each day?

Are they contributing to the overall success of the group?

• Agency – 10 percent

This grade is most often attached to final assessments and projects and is earned when a student turns the assignment in on time and complete.

This is also tied overall school and work ethic, academic integrity, etc...

• Research/Information – 10 percent

This is shown in both daily work and assessments and will reflect a student’s ability to evaluate and select information from a variety of sources based on the appropriateness to the task and purpose as well as synthesize, summarize, and report data  results accurately, clearly, and concisely.

Grading Policy

Kent Innovation High utilizes an equal interval grading scale. It’s helpful to think of the scale as a “grade point average” scale, rather than traditional percentages.

KIH also embraces standards based grading (SBG). The goal is for student grades to be as direct of a reflection of learning standards as possible.

This course at KIH uses [state/national content standards] as well as our 4 School Wide Learning Outcomes (SWLOs) based on the International Society for Technology in Education’s standards.