About Kent Innovation High

A New Way of Learning in Kent ISD

Kent Innovation High School offers some exciting new concepts in learning, focusing on project-based learning in a team environment. This new school opened to 108 ninth graders across Kent ISD in September 2011. Students spend two thirds of their day at the new school focusing on the four cores: English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students return to their home school for lunch, electives and extra curricular activities. 

From the glass walls and integrated presence of technology, to the ongoing teamwork of students and teachers, the physical and cultural environment is designed to:

  • Personalize learning for all students
  • Engage students in what they're learning
  • Bring students together in teams to create real projects and solve real problems
  • Foster trust, respect and responsibility between students and staff
  • Give students a voice in what and how they learn

3 Ways Innovation High is Different

Project-based Learning

Project-based learning is the way students master their material in every class at Innovation High. Students work through multiple projects during the year and develop key workplace skills, like problem-solving and critical thinking. They research, ask and answer questions and then demonstrate what they've learned in presentations to business and community members.

Integrated Technology

We give students the world of research and learning - right at their fingertips - starting with their own laptops. Technology tools are used continuously at Innovation High, where students no longer rely solely on teachers and textbook for their learning, but on their own research and discoveries as well. Innovation High students own their own education and technology helps them learn.

Team-Driven Environment

Gone are the days of desks in rows and quiet, solitary book-work. At Innovation High, teams of students drive learning. From flexible classrooms to the lounge or common rooms, students can take advantage of the atmosphere which matches their learning styles and the needs of the project. It's not quiet, but it is productive. Students learn to work, gather and share information, plan and achieve - together. Along the way, they learn skills needed to work successfully with others, including the personal responsibility of being an effective team member.