Survey Details

The Student Engagement Survey was designed to examine students' perceptions of their high school experience, particularly academic requirements, engagement, motivation, and support.  The Superintendents of Kent ISD schools wanted this data to inform their work in secondary schools re-design, begun in 2008.  This work led to the opening of Kent Innovation High in the fall of 2011.

The study was funded by a grant from The Mott Foundation and the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, and completed in May 2010. The survey was designed and administered by K-12 Insight, a national research firm based in Virginia. More about the Mott Foundation funding Grand Rapids initiatives.

Of the 28,604 high school students throughout Kent ISD, 17,355, or 60.7%, completed the survey. These students represented each of our 20 public districts.

Survey questions addressed:


  • Motivation and engagement
  • Level/difficulty of coursework
  • Opportunities and flexibility in course selection/scheduling
  • Perceived relevance of courses to learning
  • Support provided by teachers, parents, and friends

Map shows all 20 of the school districts within Kent ISD.  All districts participated in the study.

map of Kent ISD's districts

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